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Implementing CRS and FATCA Effectively and Efficiently

FATCA was only the beginning, the OECD standard for the automatic exchange of information the next step towards greater international tax transparency. This calls for solutions that not only fulfill the complex FATCA and CRS requirements but provide a flexible basis to meet evolving future needs quickly and easily.

FICO TONBELLER offers banks a solution that provides a maximum automated workflow and a secure support for the management of cases. The software collects the required customer information and checks it for U.S. taxability or tax residency abroad. Requested documents are stored and evaluation options are available for bank-specific topics – be that customers, check results, or the check status. All CRS and FATCA related data can be forwarded to national or international authorities in full compliance with data-protection regulations.

The Solution Offers:

  • Reliable, highly flexible technology to generate, analyze, and process customer data
  • Workflows for CRS/FATCA cases
  • Audit-proof process logging, including document storage
  • Automatic continuous customer check and reporting of CRS/FATCA related changes as 'change of circumstances'
  • Reporting to supervisory authorities and customer reporting

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