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Integrated Risk Classification for New and Existing Customers

Customer acceptance is the first step. Due to statutory requirements (e.g. U.S. Patriot Act, Bank Secrecy Act, EU money laundering directive), banks are obliged to gather audit-proof information for natural and legal persons along with their beneficial owners and use this data for risk classification. If the risk incurred through the customer relation is too high the bank must reject the customer. To this end, SironTM KYC uses third-party databases with ready-to-use interfaces:

  • Sanction and Watch Lists
  • PEP data (information on politically exposed persons)
  • Information on the company's beneficial owners

Key functions:

  • Flexible integration with existing customer acceptance processes
  • Compliance with statutory due diligence for risk-based customer acceptance
  • Designer to create dynamic customer acceptance questionnaires
  • Customer information is matched with sanction and watch lists to identify criminals, and with PEP databases to comply with enhanced due diligence for politically exposed persons
  • Automatic retrieval of the beneficial owner for legal entities
  • Real-time risk classification through default and customizable rules
  • SironTM AML interface to detect deviations from the initial "intentional" description and the actual behavior of the customer
  • Standardized data interface to the core banking system to check existing customers
  • Integrated into FICO Origination Manager to ensure compliance during credit origination processes

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